Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sooo life.....

So I recently got called as FHE mom, and today I got called as a gospel doctrine teacher as well. God really wants me to good at public speaking and teaching, my entire semester is presentation based; I hope to get good at this FAST! It's good to have God on my side on this one, I am super nervous but so excited to start. I hope this helps me and I learn a lot! God really wants me to be better at public speaking.

Oh and Drew! Drew, drew, drew.... is amazing. Back story on this one, I dated him before his mission; well now he is back. He hasn't been back for long but I guess it was bound to happen. He is the ... yeah hes just amazing. I'm flustered. Its great, so yeah ... hmmm I'm even speechless. Well we have been seeing each other again since the beginning of the semester every day or at least every other day; and we finally made it official a little while ago. So yeah, this should go well.

And I love my roommates still, life is great.