Saturday, June 25, 2011

It has been an interesting last couple of months. I have 20 days of school left! I have taken over a PR campaign for one of my classes, which I was trying to avoid taking charge of. But long story short the group leader before me had a bit of a break down and didn't do much right so I have two weeks to put together an extensive PR plan with the help of my team members; right now it is at 12 pages and requires a ton of work and rewriting and research. I am working with the AAF which is a great learning experience. I am ridiculously busy in general and seem to be in charge of major group projects (as usual) I am working on a few different campaigns right now, and loving it. I work very well in high stress situations. And I love being busy.

I am starting a CHARITY!!!! I am so excited. The inspiration actually came from a class and although the idea and plan is still new it is certainly something that I have fallen in love with very quickly.  The charity is for mentally handicapped children, and the brainstorms and plans are phenomenal, I am so pumped about this. And thankfully so are the other five people that I am working with on this. We are planing to have our first event and be official (legally) by the end of the semester so about three weeks? We have a lot of work to do; but I know we can do it!

My roommates are utterly and completely amazing. Life is so great right now, I hope that it contuines to do so and progress. Oh I went home with my roommate Lisa. I had never been on a farm before so she took me to hers. Here are some pictures. (I tend not to put pictures on facebook unless I am asked for another person's benefit; lately it has been friends and roommates)

Oh Drew of course,
Well, we are doing well and having lots of fun. We are just taking things slow right now, which I am grateful for. I don't think I will be very fond of the seven week break coming up though when we are apart more; we are pretty much together almost all the time at this point.
 Face painting at a summer solstice event, I made him into an indian. He painted a purple heart on me; which wouldn't come off for a few days.
 Guitars unplugged with Drew, my roommates and my extra roommates of course.
Drew caught a towel that Caitlin threw into the crowd. Strangely enough a couple guys tired tackling him for in and fell over in the process. I guess he is a bigger guy than I thought.

School gets out in a month! I am so excited. I am so excited not to be carrying so many groups and people! I will try to not have another repeat of this next semester.

Friday, June 3, 2011

June 3rd 2011

Just a quick update. Life is BUSY! Somehow I have managed to carry three or four semester long group projects. Right now I am doing research for BYU-I, running a PR campaign, working on a adverting campaign, working on business stuff, presentations galore, I wrote a radio script yesterday that will air  soon, church callings, ... well you get the picture life is hectic. I am pretty much with Drew and my roommates 24/7. But life is great. Keep me updated on your lives.