Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I am seriously missing so many people that I love in my life right now. All of my best friends are scattered all over the United States, and some aren't even in this country anymore. My heart is reaching out to all of them, I love them all so much! I will be doing quite a lot of travel once I get into my career effectively, so I can see them. On the plus side once I can actually travel a lot more I will have countless places to visit to see friends; I can't wait.

I finished my spring 2011 semester at BYUI with all A's in all seven classes. And finished a 33 page long PR plan for one of the biggest companies in Rexburg almost complete by my self in three weeks after a take over in management (the previous group leader was a mess, glad I could fix it and complete it in short notice).

You may have heard briefly that I did start a Charity. It is a non profit organization dedicated to helping, mentoring and improving the lives of disable people currently all ages are open. I started it with 5 amazing men so we are the founders and owners. It is so amazing how well we all fit together, everything we all bring to the table is astounding; it blows my mind. I could not think of a better combination to start a charity, and I know we will go far.  My heart and soul is in this and I have already developed such a love for it. It's name is FreeBound, we are legal.... still working on the website and I really have to get started on the social media. Currently waiting on a new logo and and watermarks on all the pictures that need to go up do to copyright issues. Another note about this: it was created on inspiration (you LDS people know what I am talking about). Feel free to call me about it.

In this picture above is Erica an amazing girl that I am mentoring. This picture is from our latest activity.

I start an internship in September while going to school, I will love it but I am hoping all of the hours won't kill me while going to school as well. Well, you know me I can handle anything! What's 20 or 30 hours a week anyways? I got this. I also plan to do another internship starting in January.

I am also going to New York in October for fun, exploration, setting up contacts and connections, checking out some existing connections I have, and doing tons of interviews. I should also have a friend driving four hours from Boston to meet me there to grab dinner and offer all the connections he has in New York (Boy, do I make some great friends or what?).

I should also be going to Orlando in October for a National PRSSA. I am the Vice President of PRSSA BYU-Idaho chapter (I didn't want to take on the presidency this time around with life being hectic, I will do that next year). PRSSA is in good hands this year and we have great plans.

Goodness, there is so much going on in my life. But right now I am doing some business stuff and having the wonderful opportunity to actually sleep while out of school for another month. I may have to fly and visit someone.

Most of you are wondering about the Drew situation. Well first I dumped him... then got back together with him. And a family member of his convinced him that he needed dating experience before mariage, so that is what he is choosing to do. I wasn't heartbroken, I don't miss him, I feel amazing! I feel free! Although he may want to get back together I am not feeling it. Feel free to call me about that as well. My philosophy is as long as I am happy, and I am happy! I will probably find someone better eventually, and I am okay with that. I will just see where God takes me in life and I am excited for the future.

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