Tuesday, February 1, 2011

P is for puppy as you know we have got our new puppy. He is a sliver fawn English Mastiff, he is 8 weeks old right now and he is pretty small now in comparison to what he will be. He is not quite yet a 200 pound dog. He is quite adorable and the boys seem to have way to much fun with him. They also tend to be a little rough as you can see.

 We are loving having another member of the family.

On another note, Bo and Emily's Dads funeral was today and I hope thoughts and prayers go out to them.

Chantel and I are having fun together which is great, I am helping her be a bit more social.

And for another stressful part of life.... my car dying. Normally it wouldn't be as big of a deal .... but my car is a Saturn and of course they no longer make any parts anymore, to make this a big shorter... my car will cost more than it is worth to fix it. That tends to be a bit of a problem go figure. So car is dead and I am trying to figure how to deal with this. I'm not liking it to much so far. But thankfully I'm a lot more calm about the situation and I am trying to accept my options.

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