Sunday, April 24, 2011

April 24th 2011

Frist off today is Easter! Which is great in its own. And my roommates are AMAZING! I have been so so blessed this semester. I am glad I chose to room with Kari and Wesley and just as glad that my other roommates are equally amazing. I just got a roommate yesterday, a room roommate that is. I'm glad that I don't have to have this huge room to myself anymore, but she does have some complications; she got in a ATV accident on Saturday and now has a broken back and a brace to go with it. I hope that moving here will make things a lot easier for her. I am dating some amazing men at the time, so I am hoping that I will find the right one out of this group and be able to keep him.  Classes aren't to bad, I'm only taking 16 credits and it feels so much easier than my semester in the fall. Well, a couple of my roommates just made me breakfast so I better go eat the delicious food waiting for me.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Back in Rexburg Spring 2011

I arrived in Rexburg yesterday and finished unpacking quite quickly. So far my roommate Kari and I are the only ones in my apartment so we are getting to know each other better than before; its quite a lot of fun.  So the last day has been Kari and I and some of my closest friends stoping by. I am have been so excited to see my close friends up here. They are all so amazing, I am so lucky in the choices I have made in the friend department. The people close to me are nothing short of utterly phenomenal. I am so blessed by the people I surround myself with.  I love my friends so much despite where their locations may be. I am also looking forward to meeting so many more wonderful people through out the course of this semester.

I am REALLY hoping that I actually do have a roommate and don't have my room all to myself, but I guess I will have to wait and see; or make a phone call.

I am still currently enrolled in 18 credits drooping below that for me is proving to be easier said than done, I think at this point I really do have trouble not being an over achiever in most areas let alone this one. Even though I am taking all difficult upper level classes I am finding it hard to actually click the button to drop below that amount of credits at this point.  Hopefully I can bring myself to click that button so I do not manage to kill myself this semester. Taking all  seven of my Comm 100 level classes last semester was enough. And as far as books go I was grateful to see that I spent a little over 200, its the first time in a long time I've spent under 500 for a seamster on books.

It also looks like this semester that I will be expanding my learning beyond just what my classes entail and what my major teaches, I plan to work and learn flash scripting,  photography principles, more on adobe programs, and of course educating myself as well by reading a good book every now and then and expanding my knowledge. Guess, I have to overachieve and learn in access in one way or another.

I find it interesting what opportunities really come my way. On one of my flights getting me to Salt Lake I had a conversation with a man sitting next to me for over an hour and a half (social butterfly as always).   But long story short he works for a record label in New York and wanted to give me a very nice inside advantage for an internship there and also offered his hookups with PR or marketing people that he has in the future. So I will be giving him a shot out when applying for internships.

I am looking forward to classes starting on Tuesday. But as far as figuring out my dating life, not looking forward to figuring that so far; classes haven't even started and its already confusing.

My Mother is running the Boston marathon that is coming up in the next couple days as well so be sure to wish her luck in thought for me.